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The Last Laff

I am partnering with Laffy Taffy to celebrate National Let’s Laugh Day. My thoughts and words are my own. My jokes are free and plentiful. The Last Laff They say that laughter is the best remedy. It’s not that I’m ailing, but I guess I just enjoy a good laugh. Considering that March 19th is […]

Alone at My Museum

I was alone at my museum. Well, I wasn’t exactly alone, but my family wasn’t physically with me. In fact, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis was packed, as it should be, because it is an amazing place to take kids. I had an opportunity to go see the dinosaurs by myself if I wanted. Or […]

Beware the Port o Potty

Beware the Port o Potty This is kind of a fun story to reset. It’s a nice reminder as parents that there are some things that don’t seem like a big deal to us, but are major, traumatic issues for our kids. And sometimes those fears follow us into adulthood. It does involve being a […]

So Where Would You Go?

With the removal of holiday lights, you quickly find how cold, wet, and gray the days are this time of year. We usually joke about the idea of moving someplace else during this time of year, but bemoan the idea of actually moving. So what if? What if we had a winter home? Where would […]

An Incredible Return

Last night I witnessed an Incredible return. I was treated to a sneak preview of the new Incredibles 2 movie. I was not disappointed. The original graced the screen 14 years ago – before the Captain was even a father. I remember borrowing a friend’s 5 year old so that I could go see it […]