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The Anti-Chore Tool

I hate chores. They are usually lonely endeavors filled with sweat, labor, and frustration. What makes matters worse is that a majority of the outdoor chores are ones that the kids are not old enough to do (read: I can’t trust them to do them without having to redo what I asked them to do).

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No Longer a Loser

I just turned 40 a few weeks ago. For 40 years I lived as a loser. That all changed tonight. For a lifetime and a quarter, my hometown of Cleveland found every painful way to twist the proverbial knife in the back of our fanhood. I witnessed collapses in every sport. Rumors of curses, disdain

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The Greatest

It was never about boxing. Even The Greatest would admit that truth. But the boxing helped to make him a folk hero – something larger than life. The boxing enabled him to move into the living rooms and hearts of so many people. Something that would have been especially difficult for a black man at

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The Absurdity of Fanhood

I was awake to see the clock tick all the way down to the double zeroes. It was a familiar scene, and maybe a metaphorical one even, no time left on the clock and my time had fewer points. I watched the familiar scene of my team (this time the Cleveland Cavaliers) sulk their way

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