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Kamik Sandals – A Summer Adventure

Summertime adventures by definition are adventurous. It is the off-road portion of life. It’s the time of year where things aren’t contained into perfectly manicured segments of time introduced and ushered by a chorus of bells and lines that construct a school day. Summertime is free time.  That’s not to say that there isn’t structure,

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A Window with a View

The whistling I hear breaks my daydreams and delusions of possibility. The whistling is a personification of the years passing me by – the proverbial winds of change. My babies are growing up – and my window of opportunity is closing. I remember when I was 22 and a young student teacher. I completed a

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A New Hobby

I wrote a new piece on Life of Dad. Here’s a snippet about my new hobby. Check out the full post here.  It is hard to describe the difference that the right bike makes. For years I have been riding a comfort bike – and when I say ride, I mean only occasionally. And though

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Pedaling In My Sister’s Footsteps

My sister convinced me to do something crazy and now I’m proud to announce that SmartyPants is making a donation to my Pan Ohio Hope Ride .  So technically this is a sponsored post, but it is a charitable one. I am a proud member of #TeamSmarty and thank them for their continued support of families and well-being. My thoughts and

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