Navigating The Stormy Waters Of Fatherhood

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A Web of Memories

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I’m very proud to announce that I am an ambassador for Memory Web. Keep it locked here and on Instagram #mwoctoberchallenge for information about the app and a giveaway later this month.  They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. Well, I carry millions of words, and

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The Evil Squirrel

Siblings are funny, There are times that they are like bitter rivals, and, at others, they are staunch allies. Such was the case when the evil squirrel decided to descend upon my home. I did not witness the initiating event. I was safe inside, however, my son was happy to brief me on the new

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The Dadlete

A brief about boxer briefs for Dadletes: What does it take to be a Dadlete? That’s a difficult question to answer as the responses vary with the children and the ages of the children. Like the Olympics, Dadletes face number of physical challenges which may include various forms of running, throwing, jumping, catching, lifting, etc.

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21 Free Ways for Parents to Destress

The school year has started back up and the stress of the new year is starting to ramp up. Granted, it may be stressful for the kiddos, but let’s focus on the parents right now – let the Captain guide you. Here is a quick, easy list for you to follow for free ways to

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