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Wishing Upon A Star

    I am a big fan of Disney. I always have been a fan of the movies, but not so much the amusement park. That all changed when my wife convinced me to agree to a two day trip to Disney with my then 2 year-old daughter. Let’s just say that it converted me.

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The Poop Deck Origin Story Pt 1

  Poop Deck Community,  I’m anticipating a pretty fun summer, so I am doing some rearranging of the blog. One of those things I am modifying is my About page, but before I delete the original, I thought I would stick it in a “new” blog post. Kind of a fun way to remember my

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Sleep Some More

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad   and Restonic Mattress for this promotion As an English teacher, one of my jobs is to look for themes in literature. One of the most common subjects in these literary themes? Sleep. And I’m not referring to the naps that I may occasionally take during lunch.  

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And the Tree Was Happy

I wrote this after my son’s party this past weekend, but chose to wait to share it now on his birthday. Sorry for all the metaphorical, figurative language, but that’s where this English teacher’s head was. Enjoy.  I doubt the trees know what I am thinking, and somehow I doubt that they would care, but

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