Navigating The Stormy Waters Of Fatherhood

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If I’m Being Honest

   So there’s this episode of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall has a conversation with his late father and he uses some sort of metaphor of driving on a foggy road with fatherhood. Marshall talks about how as a kid it was always comforting to wake up on the trips and see his dad

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Live Blog: In the Captain’s Kitchen – Pancake Recipe

So the calendar gods have smiled upon us and the Captain has the day before Thanksgiving off – with the kids. Unfortunately, Mrs. Captain has to work.  In the meantime, a morning off means one thing: PANCAKES! Pancakes are the Captain’s specialty. Join us as we prepare a holiday breakfast.     First step is

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What I Didn’t Name My Kids

Today I was reminded of what I didn’t name my kids. A long time ago (like middle school) I used to joke that I would name the kids after the chores that I would have them do – making it easy for them (and me) to remember what their chore was. I would be able

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Rewriting Nursery Rhymes.

Forgive me for this exploration. I’m tired and I have a habit of reading too deeply into topics that may not be as deep as I perceive them to be, but as I sit/lie here I have to wonder: I’m also currently stuck in my son’s loft, precariously perched and threatening the weight limit of

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