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A Misunderstood Rivalry #sponsored

“I am a diehard Cleveland Browns fan.” That is a statement that is usually followed by condolences or jeers, but neither deter me. You see, I was born and raised in Cuyahoga County amongst the pot holes, lake effect snow, and humidity. I cut my teeth as a fan during the Kardiac Kids days –

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A Legacy of Resilience

    My great great great grandfather was a slave in Maysville, Kentucky. He eventually escaped slavery and made his way to Canada (most likely because of the Fugitive Slave Act) and then returned to Ohio to enlist in the Union Army – as a free man.* This past weekend I stood, as a free

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The Departure of Summer

As the first school bell rings, I am forced to reminisce… I like to think of Summer as a relative that comes to visit- you know, that favorite aunt or uncle who greats you with a hug and a smile. She delights you with stories and adventures and you can’t believe how much fun you

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Cool Kids Production Premiere #SummerofMarvel

              My children have been making videos for some time. In fact, I think all of my devices are filled with their little faces and imaginative stories. Hasbro was kind enough to send us a brand new Ant-Man toy to play with and so we decided to make the

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