Captain’s Log – Diaper Date 3037. The Daddy Chronicles.  Just a Little Note. 

I’m artistic, but I’m not artistically gifted, yet that doesn’t stop me from drawing. I made the girl’s lunch yesterday and dropped a little note in her box.  

I should have purchased notes from my friend, Brent. He does great work. If you haven’t checked out his Instagram, go now – but come back! 

Sometimes the best ideas don’t always come out the way you wanted them to. 

Here is my  original version: 

Kind of scary, right? I wasn’t feeling that draft, so I actually folded it up and tucked it in my own lunchbox. Fortunately, none of my co-workers saw it. 

I decided to play it safe and use this version: 


I was glad I did it. She gave me a hug after school and thanked me for the note. My talent is limited, but my love is not. 

Well, it’s safe to say I have room to improve in my lunch making game. In the meantime, I’m gonna keep working on the art skills. 

Well, that’s it for now. Captain…out! 

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    Love this! I used to do this all the time with my girls. I always tried to do it randomly so they wouldn’t know it’s coming. The best part was seeing the note still in their lunchbox days later because they didn’t want to throw it away.

    Warms their heart AND yours!

    And, your art is solid! Art doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective!!

    – Jeff

    • captaincreed


      Thanks, Jeff! I did think she would use the paper towel, but she didn’t. I guess that’s a good thing.

    • captaincreed


      This is true! Thanks for sharing your designs. I love seeing them and need to purchase a set.

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