Are You Ready to Jam?

I have a fear of the unknown. That’s generally how it works, right? We don’t know something so we automatically either despise it, fear it, or feel indifferent towards it. I have those feelings about the outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that my parents didn’t take me camping, or that they refused me […]

Oral B and The #PowerofDad

My dad used to always sing a Jim Croce song to me, “Don’t Mess Around With Jim”. The chorus was my favorite- You don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t spit in the wind. You don’t pull the mask off that ol Lone Ranger, and you don’t mess around with Jim. I would smile gleefully […]

My Visit to DestinationDad

Sears wants you to honor dad this Father’s Day through “Snap Your ‘Stache” – a nationwide search for the greatest mustache. What does that mean? Check out this video.   Now through June 15, moms and kids can take a photo of dad’s mustache – or he can snap a mustache selfie – and share […]

We Like to Play

Summer time means playtime around these parts, and thanks to our friends at Hasbro we have had plenty with which to play! The first item is fun in the tub or the water table. The Sesame Street Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat is unique in that it comes with a “Captain Elmo” and a steamboat, but […]

The Seasonal Stay at Home Dad

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2458. Daddy Chronicles. So far, I think that I am winning summer. In less than a week, we have: gone to a baseball game, seen fireworks, made s’mores, camped outside, grilled multiple times, played in the pool, played in the rain, played video games, written journals, read books, seen an advanced […]