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A New View of the World

I have partnered with Life of Dad  and Pampers for this promotion. My thoughts and point of view are my own. But keep in mind it is not just me saying #ThanksBaby. There are tons of dads doing it. Please do yourself a favor and check out the hashtag and see what all we are thankful […]

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#ISleepto Achieve

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” -Homer, The Odyssey I suffer from sleep apnea. What that means is that my airway is frequently obstructed while I sleep. I stop breathing. I snore. I wake up tired. This condition has actually taught me the value of sleep. […]

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A Brilliant Smile Part 1

I have partnered with Smile Brilliant Ventures for this post. While I have received product and compensation, my thoughts, words, and smile are my own. Please note that I am not a medical expert. Though I am sharing my experience with this product, you should seek the advice of your own dentist before beginning any […]

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Berry Funny Mornings

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Cheerios for this campaign, but my opinions are my own. So are my bowl and spoon – except for when my kids steal them. Which is all the time. So fine – my opinions ARE my own, but my bowl and spoon are not. Happy kids?  Mornings […]

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Pedaling In My Sister’s Footsteps

My sister convinced me to do something crazy and now I’m proud to announce that SmartyPants is making a donation to my Pan Ohio Hope Ride .  So technically this is a sponsored post, but it is a charitable one. I am a proud member of #TeamSmarty and thank them for their continued support of families and well-being. My thoughts and […]


Science 2 Go?

There’s still time. Summer is just beginning, but the learning never really ends, right? Did you know that Frito-Lay 2 Go Variety Packs have partnered with the ASTC (Association of Science-Technology Centers)? What this means is that through June 5th families can receive a free kid’s pass to participating ASTC member science centers with the purchase […]

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Keys to Conversations

     I am a proud blog ambassador with Ask, Listen, Learn. Though I have been compensated for this post, my thoughts and words are indeed my own.  Conversations with babies are easy. They are one sided. You talk and the baby has no choice but to listen. That’s not to say that these monologues aren’t […]


Tough Relief from Fisherman’s Friend #ad

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Fisherman’s Friend for this promotion. The winters in Central Indiana are brutal. There is a wide dynamic range of temperatures that Mother Nature can tease you with. Within a two week span we have had temps range from a balmy 72 degrees to a frigid 19. […]


A Yo-kai Watch Party

I was compensated financially and in product by Hasbro for the Yo-kai Watch campaign. My thoughts, words, and whispers are my own.  Every now and again, a toy gives you a new perspective. Yes, they are fun, but sometimes the simple premise of a toy will make you think.     When the box of Yo-kai Watch […]


A Christmas Tradition – Giving

I have partnered with Milk to bring you information about the Holiday Give Together and The Great American Milk Drive. Though I have been compensated for this post, my thoughts and words are my own. Christmas morning is around the corner. Many of my fond Christmas memories begin the same way. Christmas Eve usually ended […]