Month: November 2017

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Dadlete Backyard Basketball 

I have always loved basketball. The first hoop I ever owned? It was a breakaway rim that my father got from a co-worker. We had no backboard or pole, so my dad attached it to a hunk of plywood, we painted a square on it, bolted it to a ladder, and tied that ladder to […]


Overcoming Obstacles – Dadlete 

“The only use of an obstacle is to be overcome. All that an obstacle does with brave men is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them.” – Woodrow Wilson Here’s the story of how this Dadlete overcame an obstacle – or a whole course of them. I like comfort. I like predictability. I disdain […]


Dadlete Stress and Recovery

  There’s one part of being a Dadlete that is often forgotten. There’s a lot of stress and challenge that goes into being a Dadlete. That leads to a great deal of mental and physical stress. And because of that there is a certain quality that is necessary – recovery. People recoup and recover in […]


The Shotbox Solution

Taking pictures is hard. Especially when you are taking pictures of pictures. We are that odd generation where a number of our pictures are printed. Our history is scattered in showboxes or albums. Fortunately, my friends at Shotbox sent me a gift to make sharing those pictures easier. The design of this box enables users […]


The Ragnarok Riot

I had many expectations for Thor Ragnarok. I am happy to report that they were all exceeded by the presentation I got to screen this past Monday. First a little background. I recall hearing that this was supposed to be the darkest Thor movie yet. If you do just a little Norse Mythology research you […]