Month: August 2017

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Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity? Dadletes do that, but why? If you consider the strength and concentration it takes to defy gravity, it is a worthy foe for a Dadlete. Yes, in theory, gravity is the weakest of the fundamental forces (according to my research). However, that does not make it weak. So how did I, a humble […]

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CozyPhones Solves the Headphone Conundrum 

  CozyPhones solved a problem for me. That’s right – this cute little Froggy headband solved one of my problems. And if you have kids, I’m guessing you have had this problem too. There are two inherent problems with things that emit sound – 1. Not everyone wants to hear the sound. 2. You can’t […]

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A Dadlete Under Where?

A Dadlete Under Where? I used to be an athlete. In my head I was an elite athlete. In reality, I was simply average. But I did all the things – I lifeted, I ran (when I had to), I did plyometrics, I lifted, I threw heavy things. I practiced, practiced, and practiced. I remember […]