Month: July 2015


My Sedona Speaks

I’m a Kia Sedona and this is my story of my experience with the Anthony family. There were six of them. SIX! And they had lots of luggage. People underestimate the amount of stuff that kids require even on vacation, yet I was able to easily accommodate all six passengers and their stuff comfortably. They […]


Making My Miles Matter

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and KIND for this promotion. My words and thoughts are my own, and my miles matter. There are a number of campaigns, or opportunities, that appear that allow me to do some cool things with my family. This campaign with KIND came at the right time.   […]


WiFi When and Where You Need It

Technology is always evolving which presents a number of challenges as well as opportunities. In the last week, I have been on vacation, moved, and attended a conference. There’s tech for checking into the airport, tech for entertainment for the kids while on the road, tech for communicating with colleagues, tech for finding resources at […]

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How to Get a Free Ticket to Disney (Allegedly)

This story doesn’t end well. What you need to know is that I was returning a scooter. It was supposed to be an easy task. Leave the Magic Kingdom, return the scooter to the Contemporary Resort, and return back to the Magic Kingdom in time for the light show and fireworks. The task took its […]