Month: May 2015

Captain's Log

Captain’s Log 2817: My Summer Edict

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2817. Daddy Chronicles: A Splash of Paint and Rain. Day 2 of #SummerAdventure15 was home bound. Here’s the short of it – I did some painting, it rained, and I grilled out. In retrospect, not a bad day. I did discover that there will need to be a moratorium Imd sibling […]

Captain's Log

Captain’s Log. 2816 : I’m Back…

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2816. Daddy Chronicles: I’m Back. It’s been a spell since I have had the opportunity to litter a computer screen with words. I’ve missed it. I’ve missed sleep, but alas, that is what happens at the end of the school year. I think the best analogy that I can make is […]


Under Construction

Poop Deck Community Members, Please pardon my dust. I have many more stories to tell and share, but I am facing the last three days of the school year – after which the Captain will reappear. There’s a lot happening and a fun summer ahead. Stay ready. That’s all for now. Captain….out! Share This:


7 Villains All Parents Should Watch For

It’s a big week for superheroes, or so I have heard, and some of the biggest and most resilient superheroes are parents. Think about it, parents, you have a mission – you have sworn to protect and develop the children that you have, and yet there are forces out there attempting to thwart your endeavors. […]