Month: April 2015


Like a Superhero

There’s a pretty big movie coming out this week, and you are going to hear me talk/blog/tweet/write about it a lot because I am a huge superhero fan. As an English teacher I see comics as our modern day twist on mythology and the never ending search to find that buried quality within us that […]


The Swiffer Effect #SwifferDads

One of my daughter’s favorite songs, years ago, was a Laurie Berkner song called “I’m a Mess”. She thought it was hilarious. She would laugh and sing along as Laurie sang, “I’m a mess, I’m a mess, I’m a big old messy mess…” And she was right because, frankly, kids are messy. And it seems […]


Jeans Day/ Lee Day

As a middle school teacher, there are a number of “perks” of the job that I enjoy – random free extra food in the workroom, discounts at some stores, and my favorite – jeans day. It’s funny, and may seem silly to some, but one of the best awards is a free jeans day. It […]

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I Hope I Remember

This one is for my daughter. At the end of last school year, someone asked you why you were lucky, and, without any prompting you said, “Because I have a daddy that stays home with me during the summer?” That warmed my heart. You see, summers are precious to me. Historically, it has been when […]

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No WiFi

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2760. Daddy Chronicles: No WiFi. So I haven’t written about this yet, but on the 1st of the year we cut the cord. I have only seen live television in bars, airports, and other people’s homes. I watched the Super Bowl on the computer and that is really the only sporting […]