Month: December 2014


Scrubbing Holiday Stress Away

I have the pleasure of following up Patrick Quinn and his frank holiday experience. This is slightly intimidating as P Money (that’s what I call him) has model-esque hair, teeth, and looks. But nonetheless, here it goes- So the holidays can be a tricky time. Many people think of it as a time to unwind, […]


Christmas Mixtape: Track 1

The great Christmas Mixtape reveal! The first song is a special one. I remember that I stalked this song and wanted it to lead off my tape some 30 years ago. It was a Christmas song that I remember my dad singing to me in the car. It is…Snoopy’s Christmas by the Royal Guardsmen. If […]


The Browns Lost Because I Won a Free Cemetery Plot

I can’t make this up. I won a free cemetery plot. Yes. A place to rest my soulless body for eternity. For free. For me. Let me paint the scene. I was watching my Cleveland Browns who, at that point, we’re winning. Football games are stressful – especially when my team is winning because I […]

Entertainment fatherhood Week in Review

A Challenge and A Week in Review

I accepted a challenge this week to blog every stinking day. I needed that. I hit a rut recently. Bogged down by thoughts of depressing current events, I felt as though I lost my voice a bit. I did have a chance to share my voice, in a big way, in a Buzzfeed piece entitled […]

Captain's Log fatherhood

Captain’s Log: On Track Parenting

Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2642. Daddy Chronicles. I’m on track. Rather, I should say I’m on a track. You see, I’m a gymnastics dad (usually my wife takes the kids, but sometimes I do too)., and part of being a gymnastics dad is watching. Actually, most of what I do is watch. I have little […]


The Poop Post

I have been a dad for the better part of a decade. Wow. Seems like a long time when I say it that way. Anyways… I have been a dad for the better part of a decade, and one of the most important lessons that I have learned as a father is that you have […]


Captain’s Log Diaper Date 2640

Captain’s Log, Diaper Date 2640. Daddy Chronicles… Today is just one of those days that you take on the chin. It wasn’t a “bad day”, but one with a proverbial dark cloud over it. I shouldn’t be upset- my family is healthy, we have all we need (despite the accusations of one of the heirs […]


My Favorite Mix Tape

To be honest, I have a few traditions. Some involve the family. Some involve movies. Some involve food or decorations. This one involves a nearly 30 year old cassette tape. I have a bag of mixtapes (if you are close to my age you know what I am talking about) that range in variety and […]


Almost Famous on Monday Night Raw

Last Monday Night I had the opportunity to attend Monday Night Raw. Yes, I enjoy professional wrestling. I have for several decades. I have always been fascinated by the athletic display, but what always intrigued me was the storytelling. There was always something convenient about wrestling storylines – you have a hero (babyface) and a […]


Santa and the Polar Express

I was driving my kids and family to the Polar Express. We were all dressed in pajamas- including my 6’3″ father – because that’s what you do for the Polar Express. You wear pajamas. I was worried we would be late and apparently was burning a bit of rubber. About 20 miles from the train […]