Month: November 2014


Why I Quit Black Friday

I was the King of Black Friday. I never really bought much, but I loved it. I would go out into the crowds and smell the Christmas spirit. I would drive for miles, alone, listening to Christmas music and stop at random stores to drink in the scene. The lights, the decorations, the cheer. And […]

Captain's Log

What Snow Means to Toys

Sorry for the blog hiatus, but Life was, well, Life. But welcome back aboard the Poop Deck. Food and drinks are free if you brought ’em aboard. Captain’s Log. Diaper Date 2623. The first real snow fall of the year has occurred. It is a paltry 1.5-3 inches. Barely enough accumulation to notice. However, it […]


When We Became Three – A Review

One of the things they don’t warn you about in parenting class is that there is a lot to forget about the early years. Yes, there is a ton to remember, but there’s a great deal to forget – and most of it you want to remember. Hence, Jill Caryl Weiner’s book When We Became […]