Might As Well Be 8 Tracks

Captain’a Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 2322. Today was a day of convalescing. In between fetching tissues, making soup, and warming blankets, I spent time cleaning.
As part of my cleaning endeavors, I pitched a number of CDs. I had a sudden realization that my children probably will not spend much time buying, burning, or collecting CDs. It’s bad enough they won’t experience mix tapes. Eventually they will be like 8 track players were to me. I remember using them. I even remember my grandfather having one in his car, but they faded away.
It made me think about what other things will fade as my children grow – for better or for worse. Will books, newspapers, and magazines all completely die out? Surely they can’t. But how much will technology change our lives in the next 20 years.
I suppose only time will tell.
In the meantime, I have some discs to discard.
That’s all for now. Captain out….


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4 thoughts on “Might As Well Be 8 Tracks

  1. I felt this way about CDs, DVDs, tapes of course…and then I had an extended period of time when my internet went down and I couldn’t stream my online video or music and suddenly I really relished the books, the DVDs–all the physical stuff that didn’t require the internet.

    I promptly bought a record player and started spinning vinyl. I figure, why not.

    1. Julie, I still love vinyl. I wish I had a player, but it just sounds better to me. The convenience of streaming is nice, but the vinyl quality was so much better. Thanks for reading!

  2. Best story ever: I was sorting through boxes of stuff from my parental home. My ten year old daughter at the time picked up a 45 vinyl single. I had to explain how a record player worked and that you could get albums with a bunch of songs or singles.
    She studied it for a while and looked at me with serious doubt eyes and said “so you are telling me there is only ONE SONG on each side???”


    1. Ha! If only they made right gig vinyl. That’s pretty funny. I can remember pretty much sitting by the player to change the records. Now we can drive to another state and not lift a finger. But the sound quality isn’t as good.

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