Month: January 2012


Running Flat

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1574. This week has been hard. Going back to work has not been the easiest. Getting the kids up and out the door, getting myself ready, dealing with traffic – all not fun. Too Tired Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep in the eldest’s room […]


Manners and Etiquette

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1572b. Help. I am a grown man being held hostage against my will. Unfortunately, this is not the recurring daydream that I used to have during my Biology lab in college (all I remember from Biology is the daydream and Kingdom Phylum Class File Genius Species or whatever – […]


The Magic Elixir

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1572. Quick entry.  The eldest is a bit of a scam artist.  She stalled going to sleep.  Despite taking a nap at a earlier time, and for a shorter duration, it was still waaay too late when she finally fell asleep.  Last night she asked for something for her […]


All Night Long

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles.  Diaper Date 1572.  New Years Day.  A day of rebirth, tradition, and celebration.  The eldest was so tuckered out from her attempt to ring in the New Year last night, that she didn’t nap until late in the afternoon.  Not a problem, right?  Wrong.  A late nap means late bedtime.  Late […]


She Almost Made It…

Captain’s Log. Daddy Chronicles. Diaper Date 1571. The eldest decided that she wanted to stay up until the ball dropped. This was going to be a challenge for all involved. Her regular bedtime is 7:30. Around 7:35 if she is not in a bed rubbing her eyebrows she transforms into a Tazmanian Devil that terrorizes […]